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Thank you for everything you do to support your students to get them ready for the future! Maine‘s economy in the next decades depends on a highly educated workforce, and instilling aspirations for higher education begins at an early age.


FAME is encouraging Maine educators to do what they can to help their students, the future faces of Maine, to prepare for higher education.


Use the resources below to help the families in your school prepare for higher education.

NextGen 529

NextGen 529

On behalf of FAME, share information about NextGen 529.

Free Training

Free Training

FAME offers free training for educators that help families prepare for higher education -- live and virtual!

FAME offers a wide variety of free training opportunities such as webinars and training events for school counselors, college access advisors, financial aid counselors and administrators.

Financial Aid 101

Financial Aid 101 (FA 101) is FAME’s annual financial aid training for school counselors, college access advisors, educators and anyone assisting students with the financial aid process.

Webinars & Presentations

FAME also has prepared presentations

Summer Financial Aid Training Sessions

To help prepare for the upcoming financial aid season, FAME will be offering free Summer Financial Aid Training Sessions.

Financial Aid Nights

Financial Aid Nights

Helping families learn about financial aid and paying for higher ed.

FAME visits schools throughout Maine to offer financial aid nights to help families learn about financial aid and paying for higher education.

FAFSA Completion

FAFSA Completion

FAME supports FAFSA completion across Maine.

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