Invest in ME®

Invest in ME Kindergarten

Helping Maine kindergarten students and their families plan and prepare for higher education.

For Educators

An educated workforce is vital to the future of Maine. Instilling aspirations to higher education begins at an early age.

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For Families

We invest in our children’s futures every day. There is a lot we can do to support their learning and help them build a bright future.

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What are you saving for?

We’ve been asking Maine’s kindergarteners to show us what they want to be when they grow up.
Whatever your child dreams of, help them get there by saving today.

 Print a blank template for the kindergartner in your life

Invest in ME Kindergarten Now Statewide!

The Alfond Scholarship Foundation and FAME have been working to make Invest in ME Kindergarten available to all elementary schools in Maine! We will be offering digital resources and materials that can be easily shared with students and families, regardless of where and how learning is taking place.


For more information about the Alfond Scholarship Foundation, please contact Colleen J. Quint or at 207-347-8638.


For more information about FAME and NextGen 529, please contact Eva Giles or at 207-620-3542.